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Gamocha is the most respected piece of cloth in Assamese culture. The intricately woven cloth is an art form, one that expresses emotion, respect, and values for the Assamese. For those who weave it, every design tells a story, and in their own words, “Every thread is like a timeline of their own life.” Our TSA-India Program is collaborating with traditional weavers in the village of Bishwanath Ghat on the Brahmaputra River to create turtle-motif gamochas that will benefit both the weavers and wildlife. Together, we have formed the self-help group “KASO SAKHI,” which means “Friends of the Turtles.” This program and group identity aims to aid the weavers financially as an alternative source of income, decrease the dependency of subsistence fishing and agriculture along the Brahmaputra, and help to conserve the riverine ecosystem for turtles, dolphins, and other native wildlife. Each gamocha is a unique, individual work of art, with variations in pattern.

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